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Ali Khalid is a blogger as well youtuber, i work on Youtube Food Channel and share the cooking methods step by step in video, now i had decided to share my all recipe with all of my food lovers.

Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun is one of India’s most well known sweet. These seared dumplings/doughnuts made of dried milk [khoya] are dunked in a rose-cardamom improved sugar syrup and make a huge treat. In India, you would find gulab jamun at each wedding, social occasion, birthday and festivities. In short in case …

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Pomegranate Raita (Anar ka Raita)


Pomegranate Raita or Anar ka Raita is a delectable and easy to make reinforcement made using yogurt and pomegranate seeds and crush. Here is the methods by which to make Pomegranate Raita equation. Yogurt is profitable for our prosperity as it is progressed with calcium, supplement B-2, supplement B-12, magnesium, …

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It is the season for vegetable pakoras, fiery green chutney and masala chai. Besides, I’m displaying to you an equation that has been custom fitted expressly for most extraordinary crunch factor. These have a secret fixing that makes each eat super crunchy and extra new. Do you review the additional …

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Chicken Shawarma Recipe

This straightforward, sound uniquely crafted chicken shawarma is a colossal fan-generally adored around here, everything considered! The secret is in the clear shawarma pizzazz mix, which has a huge impact. My a little bit at a time instructional exercise and video let you know unequivocally the most ideal approach to …

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Vegetable Hakka Noodles

this is a straightforward and delightful recipe of veg noodles from indo chinese nourishment. this veg noodles recipe post shows point by point system with a little bit at a time pics and video to cook flawless non tenacious noodles and a short time later make veg noodles. some noodle …

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Crispy Homemade Jalebi

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Pitiful and Crispy Homemade Jalebi made the customary way. These will stay firm for a serious long time and are best refreshing with rabri or milk! A couple of sweets bring back such an enormous number of memories. Jalebi is really straight up there to the degree my sustenance memories …

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Pista Kulfi Recipe


Kulfi Recipe with merged milk – This one hurries to make minute kulfi equation where no cooking is required. Basically mix the fixings that will take only 10 minutes. Fill structures and let the cooler do its obligation. THIS IS NOT THE TRADITIONAL KULFI RECIPE.   The standard strategy for …

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Homemade Falooda Recipe

WHY YOU SHOULD MAKE THIS FALOODA RECIPE (FALUDA RECIPE)   It’s created utilizing scratch. This uniquely designed falooda syrup equation is straightforward, and you know correctly what goes into it, not in any manner like privately obtained syrups. The flavor is TRULY authentic! Because of a fundamental, riddle fixing, the …

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Mango Rice Kheer (Indian Style Mango Rice Pudding)


You can never turn out gravely with this Mango Kheer recipe. It’s ultra smooth, exorbitantly rich, loaded down with exceptional sorts of mango crush and fragrant rice that is cooked superbly. At this moment Pot Mango kheer is absolutely handsfree, a perfect dump and go Instant Pot equation that is …

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Best mango juice recipe locally built with new locally available natural items. Best to be served at whatever point during the day including the morning supper. Also, the customization choices are unlimited. This mango juice equation talks about the tips and insider actualities for making extraordinary fresh squeeze. What’s more, …

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