This Pakistani Chicken Karahi (in like manner a portion of the time called kadai chicken) recipe is an energetic and delectable, and a particularly pervasive Pakistani Chicken Curry. It’s made with chicken, heaps of tomatoes, ginger and garlic, and a lot of flavors with a sprinkle of severed coriander. It’s impeccable coordinated with naan or rice, and one of my favored mixes to have is Chicken Karahi and this Daal.


In the event that you’re from Pakistan/India, it’s conceivable you’ve thought about chicken karahi. It is extremely unmistakable at dhabbas (little street side bistros) and is normally made at home too. Also, everyone has a substitute recipe. In any case, one thing is definitely, a real Chicken Karahi isn’t made using onions (as a huge amount of various curries do require hacked onion) and by and large doesn’t require a lot of flavors or extra water to make the sauce.

It’s too great joined with naan or rice, and it’s so easy to make. Which makes it blog estimable for me, in light of the fact that my truism for cooking is most prominent taste anyway least effort. So drowsy cooks (I’m one too 😀 ), cheer and incorporate this Easy Chicken Karahi recipe to your without fail insurgency!


Karahi Chicken is a luscious Pakistani chicken curry that is made with bone-in chicken, some basic family seasons, heaps of tomatoes and divided coriander. It’s called karahi chicken since this equation is made in a karahi. In addition, what’s a karahi? More on that underneath.



images (2)So Karahi is basically like a two dealt with wok, anyway it’s routinely made out of strong metal and is fairly more significant than the wok. Nevertheless, you can use a wok to make this Chicken Karahi, and truly I’ve in like manner pulled off making it in a typical pot. The point anyway is that Chicken Karahi is ordinarily cooked on high warmth, and that is the explanation a karahi or a wok capacities honorably for this Pakistani chicken curry.


To make this basic chicken karahi, you’ll need bone in chicken. Nevertheless, in case you have to make bonelesss chicken karahi, by then you can use chicken chests or chicken thighs cut into 1 inch pieces.

Ginger and garlic, to cook the chicken in.

You’ll require lots of prepared tomatoes for this chicken karahi as that is what the rule season base is here. Likewise, at one point it may seem like you need to incorporate water, yet do exclude water. The tomatoes will release their juice and that is what advances to the sauce of the chicken karahi.

Fundamental flavors like kashmiri red bean stew powder, turmeric powder, and a portion of the time coriander and cumin powder yet I don’t use them in this recipe. I feel like the less troublesome the fixings are, the better the chicken karahi tastes.

Some chicken karahi plans call for onions, anyway I acknowledge legitimate chicken karahi isn’t made with onions. Likewise, that is perfect for me, in light of the fact that separating onions make me cry like I broke my telephone. Lol.

The best technique to MAKE CHICKEN KARAHI – SOME TIPS and TRICKS


Special-Masala-Mutton-Karahi_2118As it is referenced in the recipe card underneath, it’s ideal that you use bone in chicken. The clarification behind this is generally this basic chicken karahi recipe is made with bone in chicken, and the thing makes the dish progressively delicious. Regardless, you may use boneless chicken chests or thighs (severed into 3D shapes) to make this recipe. I would before long propose boneless chicken thighs if you would incline toward not to use bone in chicken for this recipe.

Since the guideline season base begins from the tomatoes in this equation, prepare a point to use uncommonly tomatoes.

You will see that in the equation card there is no notice of including water or some other liquid to make the sauce. The sauce (in spite of the way that there’s not a huge amount of it) just begins from the tomatoes. Benevolently don’t add water to curry, as it will influence the sort of this chicken karahi and will in a general sense water down the flavor.

For most plans starting from the subcontinent, the essential sort of cooking begins from a cooking technique called bhunnai which is basically cooking the equation until you can unquestionably watch the oil separate from the curry. For this Easy Chicken Karahi Recipe, we do this twice, when we incorporate the flavors (which ensures the flavors are cooked) and as a last progress too. This is what draws out the most flavor in any curry, and is a critical development so don’t skip it please!

While the hacked cilantro/coriander and green bean stew are optional, I acknowledge they do add a huge amount of punch to the equation and thusly significantly propose not skipping them.


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Desire you value this Easy Chicken Karahi Recipe as much as we do! 🙂

Note: This recipe was first disseminated on 6th November 2017. It’s been by and by revived for some additional information.



Special-Chicken-Karahi_4691/3 cup vegetable oil

1000 grams chicken pieces (I used bone in chicken and had my butcher cut up the chicken into 14 pieces)

1 tablespoon garlic stick

1 tablespoon ginger stick

1 teaspoon red bean stew powder

1/2 teaspoon turmeric

1/2 teaspoon salt (or to taste)

6-7 gigantic tomatoes (for the most part cut into pieces)

1/3 cup cilantro/coriander (finely sliced)

1 green bean stew (for adorn)


Chicken Karahi Recipe:

First heat the oil, by then incorporate chicken and (bhoonlain)

Incorporate ginger stick.

Directly mix it for hardly any mints, by then cut and incorporate tomato, Mix it.

By and by incorporate all the masalas and mix it well until the tomatos incorporate mix and (galjayen).

Close to the end incorporate yogurt and green bean stew.

Allow the water to be dried out,and incorporate spread and now low the temperature of your stove

Directly cut the ginger and green bean stew and add it to you karahi.

your unprecedented chicken karahi recipe is readied.

Value it.

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