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Mango Rice Kheer (Indian Style Mango Rice Pudding)

You can never turn out gravely with this Mango Kheer recipe. It’s ultra smooth, exorbitantly rich, loaded down with exceptional sorts of mango crush and fragrant rice that is cooked superbly. At this moment Pot Mango kheer is absolutely handsfree, a perfect dump and go Instant Pot equation that is a victor BIG TIME. Check the Video underneath and moreover the Stove top technique.

Mango Rice Kheer


maxresdefault (3)This Mango Kheer equation is a flavor bomb!

Fragrant rice, milk, mango pound and thick milk is cooked together in an Instant Pot close by nuts and raisins.

A perfect dump and go equation that you can make at whatever point.

Genuinely people, in case you are a mango aficionado basically like us proceed ahead with the recipe and make it rapidly.

Notwithstanding whether you hate mangoes give this equation just one endeavor. You may change your points of view 😉

I promise it isn’t entrapped, elevating news is that you can make it with canned mango crush.

I did just that.

It tastes surprising, not over-energizing with mango improve in each piece aside from just an out and out balanced mango contact.


You can truly taste the fragrant rice, the smooth milk that just thickens itself and tastes great once totally cooked close by the sugar – thick milk.

Clearly you can certainly swap your favored thick milk with any sugar like nectar, maple syrup or even sugar.

Moreover, you can do similarly with the rice also.

You can use either fragrant Basmati rice or Kalijeera rice. I am a level out aficionado of Kalijeera rice and I by and large cook mango kheer with this rice combination.

Regardless, Basmati rice tastes comparatively extraordinary also.

Do whatever it takes not to miss the tips shared underneath in the post and make sense of how to make Mango kheer in an Instant Pot comparably equivalent to the stove top interpretation – rich, thick and ultra smooth.

Your guests will never understand that this Mango kheer is a dump and go equation that is made handsfree in an Instant Pot

What is Mango Kheer?


20160516_173741Mango Kheer is a rich, smooth and luscious Indian baked good that is made by cooking rice with milk and later flavoring it with Mango pound and improving it with a sugar.

It’s a rich, thick and smooth rice and mango pudding.

Nuts and raisins are in like manner included for surface, snack and taste. A couple of individuals similarly love using extra improving authorities like cardamom powder and kewra water.

In any case, I kept it essential and didn’t use the above fixings.

This Mango Kheer can in like manner be made with Vermicelli.

Equation Ingredients

You needn’t waste time with tremendous measures of components for the present equation. This is really what you will require:

Recipe Ingredients


mango-rice-kheer-vert2Rice: Fragrant variety is an irrefutable necessity like Basmati, Kaalijeera or Gobindobhog. We love Kaalijeera and Gobindobhog in our Mango Kheer equation.

Milk: Full fat milk tastes best yet you may swap it with fat free or skim milk. Using the later milk groupings will make the Mango kheer less smooth and rich.

Sugar: Condensed milk is what I used. It includes immense measures of smooth lavishness to this Mango rice pudding treat. You can use standard white sugar, characteristic sugar, maple syrup or nectar as the sugar.

Mango Pulp: Make your own one of a kind using new prepared mangoes or use the tinned mango pound available in the Indian stores. I love the canned crush and I for the most part use the Alphonso mango squash. It makes life less complex, tastes much better and I can make mango treats reliably and at whatever point longings strike 😛

Nuts and Raisins: Cashews, and splendid raisins tastes best.

Secret Ingredient: Ghee. Do whatever it takes not to evade this. It really incorporates immense measures of flavor and makes this Mango kheer recipe fantastically scrumptious. You can find how to and when to use it in the recipe card underneath.

5 Tips to make the best Mango Kheer


46211_6363Pick the best quality rice: The best fragrant combination of Basmati, Kalijeera or Gobindobhog will make a lip-smacking bowl of Mango kheer. That is the primary concern that issues in this recipe.

Wash the rice well: Was the rice under running spigot water very well and different events, until you see clear water experiencing the rice. Washing the rice well will shield it from being by and large amassed up in the milk.

Use Ghee: This is one such fixing that will frantically change the full equation into something that you can’t abstain from eating 😀 Mix the ghee with the rice after you wash and channel it. The ghee will in like manner shield the rice from molding projections in the milk.

Incorporate the Mango squash essentially after weight cooking the kheer: Follow this especially if you are using canned Mango crush. State of mind executioner the glow and mix in the pound. This will shield the milk from coagulating.

United milk makes smooth phenomenal kheer: If you support rich, thick, thick and ultra smooth kheer than don’t skip using the thick milk. It incorporates enormous measures of body and flavor to any kheer equation.

Serving Ideas

Mango kheer is best thoroughly enjoyed as a baked good after dinners.

I love it hot legitimately from the pot yet Manojeet reliably loves it chilled.

The two interpretations taste extraordinary, it’s an individual tendency truly.

Whatever degree would you have the option to store Mango Kheer in the fridge?

You can store Mango Kheer in the cooler for 7 days in a fixed shut holder.

OK have the option to cement Mango Kheer?

Genuinely you can harden Mango Kheer for up to a month.

Right when arranged to serve defrost in the cooler over night and serve.

How to make Mango Kheer in Instant Pot? A little bit at a time

How to make Mango Kheer?


mango payasamWash the rice and smear with ghee

Start by washing the rice very well under running fixture water. Channel the rice and smear with ghee. Put in a protected spot.

Dump everything in the Instant Pot

Dump the milk, rice, nuts, raisins and the united milk in the Instant Pot beside the mango crush. Give everything a for the most part brilliant mix so that there are certainly no knocks in the milk.

Weight cook in the Instant Pot

Close the highest point of the pot. Seal the valve and set it to PORRIDGE for 20 minutes. Right when the devising time is do a QPR (energetic weight release). Open the cover and give the kheer a not too bad mix.

Incorporate the Mango Pulp

Next, incorporate the mango crush and mix well. Serve hot or cold with finely hacked nuts.

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